Meet the industrious Removable Dovetail Landscape truck body that takes your work truck to the next level. Wil-Ro’s expert design of this American-made truck bed offers a rare functionality not found in competitors’ products by providing the flexibility needed for creating an impressive landscape.

Your jobs often differ from project to project, whether it’s property maintenance or landscape design. You need landscape trucks that offer the necessary adaptability for your tools and gear.


With this unique and versatile truck bed, our Removable Dovetail gives you three truck bodies on a single chassis﹘ a landscape body, a flatbed within five minutes of removing the dovetail, and a dump body after adding one of our Venco hoist packages.

Maximum accessibility is the name of the game with our landscape truck beds. Expertly equipped with fold-down sides and a hitch receiver for easy towing, attachment, and dovetail detachment. Additionally, the split spring-assist ramps give you the choice of utilizing the whole ramp to unload your large items or half the ramp to move your smaller tools and materials. Take it a step further with a heavy-duty ramp option for a more substantial haul and a hydraulic assist ramp for even more effortless loading and unloading.

Shovels, rakes, leaf blowers, lawnmowers, and everything else has a secure storage place on the Wil-Ro removable dovetail landscape truck body. Our truck bed contains a headboard storage box, rake and shovel holder, water cooler holder, and D-rings. Optional features such as leaf blower racks and underbody toolboxes are also available to help keep order.

Gone are the days of hours in the grueling heat loading and unloading your bed of landscaper trucks manually when you choose a hydraulic body lift kit. Set yourself and your business ahead of your competitors with this Removable Dovetail Landscape truck body..

We separate ourselves from the competition with quality and rich tradition cultivated for more than 45 years. As a veteran-owned business, we’re proud to build American-made truck beds for your work vehicle, whether they are brand new landscaping trucks or have been your trusty companions for years.

Body Features

  • Lengths (12’, 14’, 16’)
  • Double Break Dovetail
  • Split Spring Assist Ramp (5’, 6K)
  • Headboard Storage Box
  • Rake and Shovel Holder
  • Water Cooler Holder
  • Fold-down Sides (15” Standard on both Driver + Passenger)
  • D-Rings for Securing Equipment
  • Receiver Tube (2.5”)


  • Hoists Sized to Truck
  • Weed Eater Rack
  • Leaf Blower Rack
  • Underbody Toolbox (24”, 30”, 36”, 48”)
  • Backpack Box w/ Mid Shelves
  • Wheelbarrow Rack
  • Drop-in Gate Front & Rear
  • Stationary Sides (15”)
  • Split Spring Assist Ramp (6’, 6K)
  • Hydraulic Ramp (6’, 9K)
  • LED Taillights
  • 7-Pole Light Plug in Rear
  • Brake Controller
  • Receiver Sleeve (2”)