Looking for landscape dump truck beds that can keep up with the demands of your business? Whether you’re hauling compost, lumber, rocks, or yard waste, this is a dump truck on which you can rely. Wil-Ro has been designing with innovation and building with expert craftsmanship for decades to provide the perfect companion to your hard work.

Gone are the days of hours in the grueling heat loading and unloading your bed of landscaper trucks manually when you choose a hydraulic body lift kit. You can trust that our Landscape Dump Truck Body will last with features that maximize its longevity, safety and durability.


We understand the requirements of making your dump truck body align with the needs of your business. Our Landscape Dump meets that demand with its versatile features. This truck bed comes equipped with a Venco electric-over-hydraulic hoist as well as a variety of sizes for fold-down, drop-in, or stationary sides. The fold-down sides allow for easy access to materials and the ability to load and unload from either side of the truck while containing the load safely in the bed.

The rear barn-style doors keep your haul secure while driving and the capability to unload with ease. Add features such as underbody toolboxes, a wheelbarrow rack, and a 2-foot wide cross box with a shelf for extra storage and organization. A manual tarp is available to cover the truck bed and its contents for additional protection from the elements. Additionally, you can add a removable dovetail to this truck body, creating a more versatile vehicle suitable for any landscaping design, architecture, or maintenance tasks.

Wil-Ro truck beds offer outstanding features to maximize your efficiency. Uncompromising craftsmanship enhances our products over other landscape trucks body manufacturers. The landscape trucks professional appearance, along with adaptability and functionality, make our Landscape Dump truck body a perfect choice for any landscaping business owner.

We separate ourselves from the competition with quality and rich tradition cultivated for more than 45 years. As a veteran-owned business, we’re proud to build American-made truck beds for your work vehicle, whether it’s a brand new truck or has been your trusty companion for years.

Body Features

  • Lengths (12’, 14’, 16’)
  • Barn Style Rear Doors
  • Hoists Sized to Truck
  • Stationary or Fold-down Sides (24” Tall)


  • Manual or Electric Tarp
  • Underbody Toolbox (24”, 30”, 36”, 48”)
  • Backpack Box w/ Mid Shelves
  • Wheelbarrow Rack
  • Board Cuffs
  • Barn Style Rear Doors
  • Receiver Tube (2.5”)
  • Receiver Sleeve (2”)
  • LED Lights
  • 7-Pole Light Plug in Rear
  • Brake Controller
  • Removable Dovetail (Download the Sales Sheet)