Wil-Ro’s platform truck bed is built to handle the heavy loads you need to haul.  Their dependable platform bodies and multiple options provide a range of variations for functionality to meet your specific needs.


Find a platform truck bed to keep your business rolling with style and functionality. The possibilities of what you can haul are endless. Companies in transportation, construction, landscaping and maintenance haul with ease. Satisfaction is a priority.  Wil-Ro provides next-level quality and service, perfected by more than 45 years of business. Vast experience has earned them the trust of customers who have put their trucks in Wil-ro’s hands. They are committed to giving you a service truck body built close to your backyard, which is why they proudly use products manufactured in America.

When it comes to your business, there is no one size fits all. Wil-ro’s Platform Truck Bed Series offers a range of features to create perfect work trucks that can transport almost everything. Choose from three different bodies:

  • Standard Platform
    The Standard Platform gets back to basics with features you can rely on for moving materials for construction, lumber and building materials, supply, roofing, plumbing, and more.
  • Heavy Duty Platform
    The Heavy Duty Platform is built for the heftiest tasks and work-site needs. Crafted for form and functionality, this truck bed keeps your cargo secure and makes transporting, loading and unloading a breeze.  Optional features include Moffett/Princeton Kit fitting.
  • Platform – City Stake Sides
    The Platform – City Stake Sides thrives in farm and agricultural applications, making loading and transporting various materials easy. The 40-inch city stakes are removable and provide added security for your cargo.

They’re veteran-owned and American-made. These truck bodies are the result of more than 45 years of expertise and excellent service to customers. Find the right transportation, be it their Platform Series, Flatbed Series, Landscape Series, or Adventure Trailer Series.  Wil-Ro offers the features and hands-on service that will help you find the perfect fit.   Their American-made products are built with strength and integrity. Do your best work – Wil-Ro has your back with quality platform truck beds.