Versatility and durability are the hallmarks of great design.  Wil-Ro’s landscape truck beds are tough enough to handle multiple job sites daily and smart enough to ensure that you’ll have all the tools you need, exactly when you need them. Plus, unique functionality options like their removable dovetail only add ease to your loading tasks. 


Wil-Ro’s landscape truck beds are tough enough to handle multiple job sites daily and sophisticated enough to ensure you’ll have everything you need, exactly when you need it. Because versatility and durability are the hallmarks of great design, Wil-Ro incorporates these qualities into their truck body fabrication to deliver the best possible vehicle for your business needs.

Every truck body in their Landscape Series offers its own set of functional features that cover several landscaping aspects. Whether you specialize in lawn care and design, architecture, grounds maintenance, or all three, you’ll have what you need at an arm’s reach.

Choose from many different landscape truck bodies:

  • Standard Landscape
    The Standard Landscape is the tried and true truck bed for most landscape companies. Rely on the this truck body to carry out your most conventional tasks while still offering additional features like headboard storage and dovetail that offer even more functionality.
  • Removable Dovetail
    The Removable Dovetail is the coveted product of most truck bed manufacturers and landscaping companies alike. This popular option gives you three truck bodies on a single chassis﹘ a landscape body, a platform after removing the dovetail, and a dump body when you add one of our Venco hoist packages.
  • Landscape Dump
    The Landscape Dump is a perfect home for mulch, gravel, dirt, or any other materials you need for completing your landscaping projects. Offered in multiple lengths, different floor types, and a variety of sides.
  • Distributor Landscape
    The Distributor Landscape will hold excavators, backhoes, and other small machinery ready for delivery or distribution. Use the drive-up ramp or let the powered winch and remote do the pulling. The heaviest of your hauls will arrive where you need it and unloaded it with ease.
  • Landscape Trailer
    The Landscape Trailer is designed for performance to meet specific job tasks while providing hassle-free functionality. It is easily switchable from truck-to-truck and can be pulled behind most trucks.
They’re veteran-owned and American-made. These truck bodies are the result of more than 45 years of expertise and excellent service to customers. Wil-Ro offers the features and hands-on service that will help you find the perfect fit.  These American-made products are built with strength and integrity.  Do your best work – Wil-Ro has your back with quality flatbed truck beds.